Revolutionizing Home Furnishing: The Rise of Comprehensive Hardware Solutions

In recent years, more and more large-scale hardware enterprises, after completing the construction of their product matrices, have begun to focus on providing comprehensive solutions for entire apartment households, supporting the specific needs of all furniture.

The value of this strategy is reflected in at least two aspects:

Firstly, providing comprehensive hardware solutions can meet various furniture needs in one go, better satisfying customer demands, while also increasing the average customer transaction value, thereby boosting business performance.

Secondly, seizing the trend of integrated large-scale home furnishing formats like whole-house customization, whole-house furnishing, move-in-ready homes, and integrated door-wall-cabinet solutions.

Infuse your home with heart – our hardware brings warmth.

With more and more furniture companies deploying multi-category home furnishing businesses, there is a need for comprehensive solutions.

In the past, furniture hardware products mainly existed as ancillary products for home decoration, with relatively simple functions and uses.

With the improvement of consumer demand for home quality and living experience, hardware products have gradually evolved from a single decorative function to multi-dimensional features such as practicality, aesthetics, and intelligence.

Especially for high-end and light high-end home furnishing products, where integrated color and minimalist design are essential, the selection and matching of hardware connecting various components are equally important.

Therefore, the new market demand has brought about new considerations for upstream manufacturers and raw material suppliers: hardware is no longer just a single product but a connector that needs to adapt to different home styles and consumer needs.

The rise of whole-house solution and one-stop matching solutions is a positive response to this market demand.

In addition to covering categories like door locks, doors, windows, kitchen cabinet handles, and wardrobe storage support, these solutions extend to providing customized services tailored to meet the unique needs of individual consumers.

By integrating hardware products from different categories, it achieves the overall coordination and aesthetics of home space while enhancing the convenience and comfort of home use.

Olex has proposed the concept of “customized whole-house hardware +”, showcasing hundreds of whole-house products and solutions. It has also launched three major series of original wardrobe functional hardware, kitchen functional one, and minimalist sliding door.

The three series continue the popular Italian minimalist style, with most products adopting a combination of metal and leather. The pull-out function baskets on the wardrobe functional hardware cover all screw holes, and the basket frame and drawer face structure achieve seamless connection, showing meticulous attention to detail. Sliding door adopts a form of movement without a lower track, not only simple in style but also easy to clean, and the wardrobe functional part considers that different scenarios such as straight arms, medium bends, and large bends can be applied to cabinet doors.

blog comprehensive hardware solutions
blog comprehensive hardware solutions

Sub-brand JAYA appeared at the exhibition with the theme of “high-end futuristic”, proposing the “same style, same color, same quality, same brand” design four-same rule. Based on the integrated product concept of the “whole-house hardware ecological chain” strategy, it achieves a same-color rate of over 95% for whole-house hardware across different materials, seamlessly embedding visual integration into customized home furnishing, realizing the seamless integration of functionality and artistry.

JAYA has released more than 20 series of products, perfectly interpreting the brand positioning of “integrated hardware solutions”. From door-wall integrated systems, wardrobe systems to kitchen cabinet matching hardware, wine cabinets, and storage shelves, it provides one-stop hardware solutions for integrated furnishing.

In addition to the design of the products themselves, JAYA hardware also pays more attention to environmental protection and practicality during installation and actual use. Its independently developed wall protection panel dry-hanging system has developed adjustable dry-hanging systems for direct installation on rough walls, thin dry-hanging systems suitable for flat walls, which can be applied to wall panel thicknesses of 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm, as well as dry-hanging rock panels, tiles, etc., to meet different scenarios of use. The hardware dry-hanging system can also be compatible with kitchen accessories, aluminum plate shelves, etc., which can be freely combined and disassembled and moved, well considering the use scenarios of consumers in the kitchen area.

In addition to Olex, other friendly competitors have also proposed product matrices of different scales, which can be seen as the embryonic form of the entire home hardware ecosystem.

In driving this change, technological innovation has played a key role.

blog comprehensive hardware solutions
blog comprehensive hardware solutions

With the application of new materials, new processes, and intelligent technology, the performance and quality of hardware products have been significantly improved. For example, the application of new materials makes our products more durable and environmentally friendly; the application of intelligent technology enables products to have more functions, such as smart door locks, smart storage cabinets, etc., bringing consumers a more convenient and intelligent living experience.

Through carefully designed hardware accessories such as clothes rails, drawer slides, and storage baskets, the cloakroom can orderly store clothing and accessories, making space utilization more efficient; kitchen cabinet hardware matching with intelligent control can ensure the smooth opening and closing of cabinets while improving the convenience of accessing items for cooking…

Therefore, the whole-house system brings humanistic thinking into the home environment, and the various functions achieved by matching hardware accessories are not just a mere “show of skills” but a consideration of user needs. By accurately connecting and integrating various hardware accessories into each home space, it not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the home but also enhances the practical use of each scenario.